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Mar 15, 2013 - Around Arizona with a Charter Bus

A surprising look at the history and culture in Arizona and their tribal presevation programs.

Charter bus tourists who are coming over to Arizona for the very first time may not know this but local Arizonians having lovingly given their state a nickname - Grand Canyon Sate...and we all know where that nickname came from we are sure. Somehow, the sheer size of Arizona makes it impossible for a person or a large group of people to visit all the charter bus rental attractions there are in Arizona - there are just too many of them! But we can selectively head over to our favorite ones and we should be good to go if we have about a week to savor what Arizona have to offer. The state of Arizona is a four-cornered states and absolutely connected with states like Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. In one state, you can find snow-capped mountains, deserts, low lands, lakes and ranges. For a group of Arizona bus rental visitors, this means endless options and an exciting time outdoors!

In many parts of Arizona, there are still some local Indian tribes around and don’t think for a minute that they are living without knowing the fact that they can make some money off of our thriving tourism industry. Most of these tribes will, without a moment’s hesitation, welcome guests from all walks of life and from all over the world, eager to show the rest of the world what their tribes treasure and their lifestyle.

The authorities, thankfully, paid good attention to these people’s livelihoods and maintains a big number of reservations like the Apache, Navajo, Tohono and Yavapai tribes. Any of the names of these tribes popping up into your head as if you must have heard about it somewhere. Yes, the tribes have been featured for quite a bit in some movies, films, series and books. They are no longer lost in the modern day world and many people are aware of the reservations and their insistence on maintaining their own tradition. That is something to be respected.

The natives will not hesitate to show visitors about their ancestors, how they live, the kind of food that they consume on a daily basis, dance, music, stories and entertaining anecdotes for life.

And here is simply ONE of the surprising facts you might find out about these native tribes - charter bus rental visitors in Arizona might just enjoy a casino resort located on one of these tribal lands. Now, wouldn’t THAT make your Arizona bus rental charter visit an absolutely unforgettable one?

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