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Dec 5, 2012 - Awestruck at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon...the single one word that gives everyone the chills...a good kind of chill, that is. It is no wonder that it is one of the most awesome wonders of the world so, if you are ever in Arizona, make no mistake about it, visiting the Grand Canyon is an absolute MUST! So, charter bus rental visitors who are heading over in their large groups in your rented charter bus, Arizona coach bus or passenger shuttle buses, put it down in your itinerary right now! Much improvements have been made to the Grand Canyon to accommodate charter bus visitors like yourself although it is located slightly in the north of Arizona, quite a distance from the downtown area, it is absolutely tourist friendly in every way possible. Getting to the Grand Canyon via ground transportation is not a problem at all.

A fun fact about the Grand Canyon is that the great Colorado river carved this canyon out in a time frame of a milenia and it stretches along for over two hundred seventy seven miles and measures right about eighteen miles in length. As you can see, the sheer size of this magnificent wonder is awe inspiring - say a word of thanks to Mother Nature for bestowing upon Arizona such an incredible wonder of the world.

The Grand Canyon charter bus rental tour should begin somewhere like the South Rim of the canyon because you get to see more for a smaller fee. Get off the charter bus and head over for a walk around the rim, with or without a tour guide. One can only gasp at the sheer wonder and amazement of this beautiful natural wonder and the majesty that it presents itself in.

For those who are more adventurous, worry not, there is more to this charter bus visit than walking around the rim. You don’t need to be a photographer-enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of this attraction. At the upper river, there are rafting trips that starts almost at the mouth of the river. The trip down the river, mind you, will take approximately a couple of hours and all in all, one can expect to spend almost the entire day here to enjoy all that Grand Canyon has to offer.

Coming down the river is not the only way to get down, adventure-seekers have the option of hiking their way down! Imagine all the possibilities of getting up close and personal with one of the most astonishing wonders of the world. Not keen about the possibility of getting lost? There are experienced tour guides to get you around and out of the vast canyon so, just ask around and see if you can grab a tour guide to help you out. In fact, the tour guides are so experienced that they may even try showing something that a casual tourist will usually miss. The authorities are reluctant to let their Arizona charter bus rental customers do the hiking and walking around the rim in a single day and that is because the terrain is extremely taxing even for a physically fit person. The risk is too huge for them to take in case something untoward should happen.

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