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May 7, 2013 - Balloons over Arizona

When asked about when is the best time to visit Arizona, the conventional answer would be ‘whenever, is ALWAYS a good time to come over to Arizona!’ Well, especially if it involves getting into a balloon for an exciting balloon ride. The cool weather, contrary to popular beliefs, is the time when the balloons take off. The reason why balloon riding is more practical is that the cooler the air, the easier it would be for the balloons to take off. In other words, it will take less fuel to get the balloons off the ground! So, be sure to mark THAT down on your calendar while planning your Arizona charter bus rental visit and vacation with your loved ones, family and friends.

In the lower parts of Arizona, the temperature is a little less predictable because it is hard to find day when the sun isn’t out in full blast, causing it rare for the weather report to say it is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, even in November!

The best time for ballooning is during the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival which is when the locals bring out the wonderful balloons for rides. Foreign visitors are usually be enthralled with the amazing view of the river and this is also the perfect time for schools, kindergartens, colleges and universities to come out in their rented charter bus, party bus, coach charter and mini bus for the school field trip that they have been waiting for.

Have a quick check on their website to find out more about the weather conditions before heading over but typically, during the festival, the balloons will take off on Fridays, Saturday and Sunday mornings. The earlier you get there, the better. On top of getting the chance to pick and choose the balloon that you want to ride on, you can take the time to snap amazing photos of the balloons covering up the skies above.

Most charter bus rental visitors will take the time to stand around, make friends with the early birds and also there is coffee, chocolate and some truck foods available. So, after your ride is over, don’t just go off! Mingle around and make some friends with the people who have come together with you on the Arizona party bus rental trip.

What makes it amazing about a balloon ride is that they balloons go wherever the wind takes them, the guide may be able to control the balloon to an extent but it is incredibly exciting to know that the wind is the main engine for these magnificent balloons.

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