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Dec 5, 2013 - Celebrating Christmas in Cowboy Style

For something a little different than the usual winter wonderland Christmas celebration, how about celebrating this holiday season in a Texan Cowboy style? One of the most popular attraction for charter bus visitors to Arizona is Rawhide’s Cowboy Christmas Celebration. Located in the Gila River Indian Community, this western frontier town goes back in history when the Huhukam Civilization was at its peak.

Exploring the Wild Wild West

At this western frontier, rental bus visitors can find the typical 1880’s style Old West shops, just like how it is like in the movies. Even the meals are done the cowboy way, with cookouts at sundown. Exciting shows are held such as gunfights and stunt show, all done at the Six Gun Theater.

Other interesting attractions at Rawhide that bring the Wild West to life are like the Live Bull Riding show at the Livery Arena. Coach bus visitors can also try riding a bull, although not a real one but just as challenging, by mounting The Widow Maker Mechanical Bull that will strive to throw its rider off, just like a live one!

Milder activities for younger kids

Another exciting activity for the fearless is the Pony Express Obstacle Course, held from Thursdays right through to Sundays. Make sure to attend this course at the right time, which is only from 6 - 8pm and 8 - 10pm. Who knows? You might end up enjoying this course so much that you will take up Pony Obstacle Riding as a hobby.

For a more sedated ride, you can opt to take the Butterfield Stage Coach Rides instead, or on a train ride aboard the Huntington Express ⅓ scale replica of an 1863 Huntington Train.

It is Showtime at the Rawhide

Apart from taking part in the activities organized by Rawhide, bus charter visitors can enjoy the shows and performances especially planned for the Christmas season. There is a Rawhide Cowboy Stage Performances as well as indoor and outdoor entertainment held on Fridays and Saturdays.

Most of the activities at Rawhide offers admission for free, however, some activities require a fee. Do contact Rawhide to make reservations to avoid disappointment.

On another note, since you want to celebrate Christmas at Rawhide, you probably would want to meet Santa since it is a Christmassy thing to do. A hint here: Santa is located near the beautifully lit Christmas tree which is just close by the railroad track.

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