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Take the shuttle bus from Scottsdale to Grand Canyon's North Rim and start your hiking adventure through the geological gems of Grand Canyon

A Hiking Tour Through Grand Canyon

Apr 10, 2014

It is hard to run out places to explore and have an adventure in when you are in such a diverse place like Arizona. Arizona’s outback and outdoors is so varied that you can do hiking, biking, climbing, cave exploring and swimming any time you want. If you are doing these activities in a large group, renting a charter bus is recommended. For that, Bus Charter Arizona is a good choice. Give us a call for a quick quote.

Hiking Tour around the rim of Grand Canyon

Acknowledged by National Geographic as one of the top 50 tours of one’s lifetime, exploring Grand Canyon from the North to the South rim on foot is one of the best ways to get to know the place. The hiking tour is definitely designed to challenge even the fittest of us as you trek your way to amazingly gorgeous spots like the world famous Colorado River and Phantom Ranch which is located right at the base of Grand Canyon.

Fun Facts about Grand Canyon

  • Grand Canyon stretches across more than 277 miles and measures about 18 miles in width
  • It is run by Grand Canyon National Park services
  • It exposes you to nearly 2 billion year of Earth’s history
  • Experts continue to debate about many things that has been exposed in the Grand Canyon, therefore, it creates some sort of mystery for visitors and hikers as they discover stuff
  • President Theodore Roosevelt was a true fan of Grand Canyon and spoke up actively about preservation efforts at the area
  • The people of Pueblo tribe considers the Grand Canyon a holy site. If the timing is right, you might catch them during one of their holy pilgrimages

How long would it usually take to tour the rim?

Personal tours from the Canyon’s North rim to the South rim would usually take about 5 days to a week if you take your time to slowly explore its nooks and corners. The great thing about these week-long tours is that there are always lodging, restaurants, supply stores and amenities for hikers and visitors. So, all you need to do is to bring the charter bus to locations near the rim and then you are off on your hiking adventure.

Make quick stops at historical sites and geological centers

Some of these interesting places includes places like Cameron Indian Trading Post which was established back in 1916. It is a place for the locals to showcase Native American and Southwestern art masterpieces which are real eye-openers even for non-art-lovers.

Another eye-opener comes in the form of Navajo Bridge. It stretches majestically across Colorado River’s Marble Canyon which carries U.S. Route 89A. The Bridge is 834 feet in length and can manage a capacity of 22.5 tons at any given time, considering the materials and methods used for its construction.

Phantom Ranch is located right beside Bright Angel Creek. Founded back in 1903, it is a popular campsite for hikers who traverse their way in and around the Grand Canyon. Most importantly, this is where you will make friends with other like minded individuals who are also on similar quests.

Taking a rest in the charter bus provided by Bus Charter Arizona on the way back

We are sure that despite all the fun that you have had during the hiking tour, you would be tired and exhausted at the end of it all. This is where Bus Charter Arizona comes in. We will provide you with a luxurious and comfortable shuttle bus to take your group back to Scottsdale. Give a call right now to find out how we can be a part of your Grand Canyon adventure and to make it even more memorable.

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