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Apr 13, 2013 - Visiting Tombstone, Arizona with a Charter Bus

Tombstones...who would have thought? When organizing a visit to a large city like Arizona, the last thing we would actually think about visiting would be tombstones, wouldn't that be accurate - but there you have it, it seems to be one of the most asked-for visits whenever people are organizing group charter bus tours in Arizona. Apparently, the love for tombstone visiting started from friends and fans of the frontier West.

Are you imagining ghost towns devoid of people, scary, eerie and creepy? Well, it IS something of that sort but lets just say that for people who are visiting the tombstones in a large rented charter bus, coach charters and comfortable sleeper coaches, wouldn’t it be accurate to say that you will be surrounded by people who may or may not be as freaked out as you are? Take comfort in that fact and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can.

A quick look at the way the cemeteries are, the visit will educate charter bus visitors about how little attention is paid to ‘laying someone down to rest’. The burials are very quick and rather unceremonious they are. Sometimes, it will make you feel a little sad but overall, take it with an open heart and you will come home a little bit more appreciative modern day burial is.

For a more interesting look at Tombstones, try The Boot Hill Graveyard where things are very real...or surreal, depending on how you look at it. Boot Hill became uninhabited as early back as 1884 but seeing how people are interested in the Wild, Wild West way of life, they have opened it up as a tourist attractions which is a surprising hit with foreigners and local visitors as well. After your visit, don’t forget to make your way to the gift shop and bring home some souvenirs for your family and friends back home. Show them off and say, ‘Hey look, I went looking around at tombstones in the Wild Wild West’. I am pretty sure they are going to be impressed off of their socks.

For something a little more uplifting, try taking the rented charter bus, party bus, coach charter to O.K. Corral - if you have watched an old Western movie should know what this is all about. The reenactment of what happened way back in the downtown Tombstones will most definitely open some eyes.

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